The Gilded Age Promotional Stills
Gallery Update The Gilded Age

I have added promotional stills of Taissa’s character Gladys Russel in the upcoming The Gilded Age episodes 6 and 8. Check them out over on the gallery now via the link below:

TheGildedAge_1x06_Stills.jpg TheGildedAge_1x06_Stills.jpg TheGildedAge_1x06_Stills.jpg TheGildedAge_1x06_Stills.jpg

TheGildedAge_1x08_Stills_28129.jpg TheGildedAge_1x08_Stills_28229.jpg TheGildedAge_1x08_Stills_28129.jpg TheGildedAge_1x08_Stills_28229.jpg

2022 | The Gilded Age > Episode Promotional Stills > 1×06 “Heads Have Rolled for Less” | Alison Rosa

2022 | The Gilded Age > Episode Promotional Stills > 1×08 “Tucked Up in Newport” | Alison Rosa