Gallery Update: The Twilight Zone
Gallery Update Taissa Farmiga The Twilight Zone

Hey everyone. I’ve updated the gallery with promotional stills and high quality screen captures of Taissa Farmiga‘s appearance on The Twilight Zone episode seven titled “Not All Men“. Check them out over on the gallery now via the link below.

TheTwilightZone_S1E7_Stills_2019_28129.jpg TheTwilightZone_S1E7_Stills_2019_28229.jpg TheTwilightZone_S1E7_Stills_2019_28329.jpg TheTwilightZone_S1E7_Stills_2019_28129.jpg

The_Twilight_Zone_2019_S01E07_1080p__0063.jpg The_Twilight_Zone_2019_S01E07_1080p__1033.jpg The_Twilight_Zone_2019_S01E07_1080p__3099.jpg The_Twilight_Zone_2019_S01E07_1080p__5609.jpg

2019-The Twilight Zone > 1×07 “Not All Men” | Promotional Stills

2019-The Twilight Zone > 1×07 “Not All Men” | Screen Captures