Gallery Update: The Gilded Age Stills
Gallery Update Promotional Stills The Gilded Age

I have updated the gallery with new stills for both episodes 1.01 and 1.02 of Taissa‘s character, Gladys Russell, in HBO‘s The Gilded Age, as well, a promotional image. Be sure to check it out below:

TheGildedAge_Stills_1x01_HBO_28329.jpg TheGildedAge_Stills_1x01_HBO.jpg TheGildedAge_Stills_1x01_HBO_28629.jpg TheGildedAge_Stills_1x01_HBO_28129.jpeg

TheGildedAge_Stills_1x02_HBO.jpg TheGildedAge_Stills_1x02_HBO.jpg TheGildedAge_Stills_1x02_HBO.jpg TheGildedAge_Stills_1x02_HBO.jpg

TheGildedAge_PromotionalArt_HBO.jpg TheGildedAge_PromotionalArt_HBO.jpg TheGildedAge_PromotionalArt_HBO.jpg TheGildedAge_PromotionalArt_HBO.jpg

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