’50 States of Fright’ Screen Captures
Gallery Update Taissa Farmiga

Hi Taissa Farmiga fans. I know there hasn’t been much to update you guys about Taissa this year but there’s always content to add over the gallery that is missing.

I have uploaded over 1500 HD screen captures of Taissa’s episodes on the horror anthology series ‘50 States of Fright’ Season two. Enjoy them!

50_States_Of_Fright_S02E01_Part1_1080p_0591~0.jpg 50_States_Of_Fright_S02E01_Part1_1080p_0655.jpg 50_States_Of_Fright_S02E01_Part1_1080p_0784.jpg 50_States_Of_Fright_S02E01_Part1_1080p_1195.jpg

50_States_Of_Fright_S02E02_Part2_1080p__0078.jpg 50_States_Of_Fright_S02E02_Part2_1080p__0251.jpg 50_States_Of_Fright_S02E02_Part2_1080p__0494.jpg 50_States_Of_Fright_S02E02_Part2_1080p__0992.jpg

50_States_Of_Fright_S02E03_Part3_1080p__0209.jpg 50_States_Of_Fright_S02E03_Part3_1080p__0751.jpg 50_States_Of_Fright_S02E03_Part3_1080p__1016.jpg 50_States_Of_Fright_S02E03_Part3_1080p__1175.jpg

 50 States of Fright > Season Two > Episode Screen Captures > 2×01: “Almost There (Iowa) – Part 1”

 50 States of Fright > Season Two > Episode Screen Captures > 2×02: “Almost There (Iowa) – Part 2”

50 States of Fright > Season Two > Episode Screen Captures > 2×03: “Almost There (Iowa) – Part 3”