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I’ve added a production still and a movie poster  of Taissa’s upcoming movie “In a Valley of Violence” which will premiere in theatres on October 21. Big thanks to Elise for sending these to me!

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I’ve added screencaptures/promotional stills,trailers&clips of Taissa in At Middleton  she plays the role of Audrey Martin enjoy viewing them.

Career > Movie Productions > (2013)At Middleton > Screencaps
Career > Movie Productions > (2013)At Middleton > Movie Stills
Career > Movie Productions > (2013)At Middleton > Promotional Photoshoots
Career > Movie Productions > (2013)At Middleton > On the Set – Interview
Career > Movie Productions > (2013)At Middleton > Trailer #1
Career > Movie Productions > (2013)At Middleton > Clip #1 – Chapel Break
Career > Movie Productions > (2013)At Middleton > Clip 2-Campus Tour

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I’ve added HD screencaps/stills/posters of Taissa in her hit movie Mindscape playing the role of Anna Greene,enjoy!

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I’ve added screencaptures/stills of Taissa’s first movie “Higher Ground”  she plays the role of Teenage Corinne Walker,enjoy viewing them!

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I’ve added HD screencaptures of Taissa’s amazing performance in her hit movie “6 Years” you can also find stills/posters as well,enjoy!


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I’ve added HD Screencaptures/Promotional Stills/Gag Reel/Movie Posters of Taissa in the amazing movie “The Final Girls”  be sure to check the movie out,enjoy the caps!

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I’ve added Screencaps/Promotional Images&The making of it  from Taissa’s hit movie “The Bling Ring”  enjoy viewing them!

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